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Dyno Testing

Dyno Testing

A Dynamometer (Dyno) is a machine that measures engine output- horsepower, torque, and fuel mixture. It can test under different engine loads and conditions which enables us to perform several different adjustments to get the maximum performance out of an engine. Note that Performance not only includes maximum power, but just as important is good drivability, good fuel economy, and a smooth transfer of power to the ground with no hesitations or flat spots. Tuning will benefit an engine with only slight modifications, such as an exhaust and air cleaner kit, all the way to a highly modified engine with lots of performance parts. This is due to the fact that a properly tuned engine does not have to work as hard as a poorly tuned engine to do the same job. This results in less wear and longer engine life.

Dyno tuning a motorcycle is not for the ill experienced and can be considered an fine art. Our technicians have been factory trained by Harley-Davidson® Motor Company and have been PHD certified using the Screamin Eagle Pro Super Tuner. We have logged hundreds of hours and thousands of miles perfecting our technique. Whether it's simply adding an exhaust or going all out with a performance engine, we have the passion and expertise to make your ride one of a kind.